Ceremonial  Design


Handfasting & Renewal of Vows​ ​​


​In its truest sense of the meaning a Handfasting is a trial marriage  and the engagement  period, where  a declaration is made  for a year and a day  between a couple . It is an old Celtic/pagan  tradition and the wrapping of the cord forms an infinity symbol. It can also be incorporated as an element within an actual marriage; After the lovers both declare their intent to enter into this union, the hands of the couple are clasped and fastened together with a cord or cords just before, just after, or during their vows are made to one another.          Create new and exciting memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, either for just the two of you or with your closest friends and family.  You can have your son walk you down the aisle, have your daughter be your Maid of Honour, reaffirm your vows with your life’s partner, re-exchange your rings, and finally celebrate together !​
The entire family can participate in a renewal of vows.  

From simple to elaborate; with anyone and anyplace :

Celebrations can take us through the passage of many wonderful moments. The amplification of cherishable  memories I can assist with.   Let me  help  augment  to creatively express and with collaboration an alternative blend of many traditions.  I can recreate a bespoke and scripted Ceremony that is most intimate to reflect; for any special occaision  to share with family friends in community and world wide along the way.

Funeral service and Memorial Ceremonies

Everyone has a story to tell about their life or someone else's. 
As with every other passage in life; a Funeral in its own rite is the last celebration marking a final sendoff to remember always.
We hold the memories dear,the pain of healing the grief is required in letting it go.
Grief is a cluster of emotions, unavoidable and ready to go off at any given moment; however at our own pace that we must go through.

The more involvement and participation during this time of loss there is, the better for all to accept and start the process.
To better cope with what has happened, and to design what needs expressing for those needs of self the time to start is now .
For those who have gone ahead and pre-arranged your Funeral and/or If the recipient of this ceremony wishes not to be there;it might make sense to make the time for this as well.

Just think how many times the pre-planning of a birthday party or other such occasions have resulted the better of sort in outcome.

Peerless Moments  hangs on to your draft ceremony on file; and ready for perhaps a little
fine tuning; when the actual moment comes about, the draft is there. 
Whether a pre or  at need,  Peerless Moments is  here to help you through it .

At your convenience we will arrange to meet and go through the initial Interview process; methodically recording the details. What is written must depict the true character of that person; with the help of family and friends to create a portrait.

We can discuss all the desired options available and your families wishes.

Peerless Moments will then begin a Funeral Draft Ceremony and when completed we can revise it and even have others join in to contribute more to it.

Remember when it has already happened time is not much allotted; however the case the choice is always yours.

Our perspective can even rule out the saying

“there are no second chances”; however it is all in the way we think. A Memorial Service and in most cases with cremated remains we do get a second chance.

Why leave it to chance make the choice now !

Available for bookings to customize a Funeral Ceremony; to administer and perform in the way you prefer for you and/or any of your loved ones.


(non-religious) naming ceremony is unique and created especially for a particular family and their circumstances. This means there is no set script and no fixed structure. Instead, your celebrant will guide you through various options and together you can create an occasion that’s fitting for your specific circumstances.
for a  naming ceremony   
Introductions and welcomes
Reading or poem
Reasons for the choice of name
The naming itself
Information about the child – their arrival, personality, interests so far
Words about the importance and responsibility of parenting
Parental promises to the child
Reading or poem
Importance of wider family (e.g. grandparents, cousins, etc.)
Instead of Godparents, you can select close friends and/or relatives to become                  
 "guide parents," "supporting adults," "mentors" or "special friends."
They can also join in the ceremony,
saying how they will be there for the child as he or she grows up and
  they will play an influential role in your child's life. Promises to the child are made by the family, supporting adults and all the attendees. They can be repeated as statements led by the celebrant or the celebrant can pose ceremonial questions to the guests.
 (various forms are possible)
Concluding words

Other Ideas

When hosting a naming ceremony at your house, think about commemorating the occasion by planting a tree. Make sure it is a hardy tree that will have a good change of growing.

Provide a scrapbook or guest book and when guests arrive, ask them to write a message of hope and promises for the child. When the child is older, he or she can read the messages.
The Ribbon Ceremony

This Ceremony has had its origin from Celtic Handfastings.  As the saying “Tying the knot” for couple’s wedding ceremonies.  The concept although similar it has taken off quite well. For those wishing to form a binding circle with child and all others alike who wish to be part of this child’s most inner circle.             

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